SGA Minutes | Senate establishes SGA Grant Program


SGA Speaker of the House Htet Htet Rodgers presented two bills to the Student Senate for voting on March 13; both were passed into legislation.

Senators-at-Large Taylor McBroom and Antavious Roberson sponsored SB.SP.2017-01 to change how student organizations on campus receive money from the Organizational Relief Fund (ORF).

The SGA Grant Program will now take $20,000 from the ORF budget each academic year.

RSOs in good standing and university departments can apply for up to $5,000 per academic year for educational programs, service projects and campus improvement projects, with priority given to those directly benefiting NSU students and the campus.

Campus improvement projects must first be approved by the appropriate administrators before consideration for funding. Reimbursements will also be available, following the same rules.

Once created, completed applications can be submitted to the SGA Treasurer. The Department of Fiscal Affairs and the SGA Cabinet will then approve each application by majority vote.

SB.SP.2017-02 was also passed at the meeting, sponsored by Senators-at-Large Taylor McBroom and Alexander Stewart.

Currently, the Student Senate has 36 seats. SGA understands that this is larger than other universities, and thus makes it more difficult for quorum to be reached for the voting process.

It is required that RSOs on campus must have two-thirds of their voting members present for the by-laws to be amended.

SB.SP.2017-02 reduces the Student Senate from 36 seats to 25. The change will phase in over the next few elections.

Each election, seats filled by outgoing seniors will be removed, reducing the number of seats available. This will occur each election until there are a total of 25 seats.

Intent to Run forms for SGA were open from March 13-17. Elections will be held April 4-5, 2017.