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NSU choir to release album in September

49d0c2b2-456a-45ac-b8a1-f3fdd9bb053aNSU’s top-ranking vocal ensemble, Chamber Choir, will release a recording of a piece they performed earlier this year on Sept. 1.

“For A Breath of Ecstasy” by Dr. Michael John Trotta was commissioned and premiered by the ensemble on May 3. The New York-based composer came from New York to Natchitoches to rehearse with the choir and then conduct in concert for the group.

“The choir and faculty showed an amazing amount of passion, artistry and excellence,” Trotta said. “I think the release of the [recording] in September will show that…

“One of my favorite things to do is to follow a piece from inspiration, to rehearsal, performance, and finally to recording. It was an honor to work with the students and faculty,” Trotta said.

“The choir enjoyed it and felt special premiering something,” Director of Choral Activities Dr. Nicholaus Cummins said. “It was an international premiere, and the recordings will be distributed worldwide.”

Recordings of this performance, along with others, will be available to the public on iTunes under the name “Northwestern State University Chamber Choir.” Cummins hopes a second recording, “Let My Love Be Heard,” will be available some time in the fall as well.

Choir member Ashleigh Pope thinks this project will start a long line of records to which NSU’s music school will have the privilege of contributing.

“Our work with Dr. Trotta has opened the door for a unique opportunity,” Pope said. “Dr. Cummins has been in contact with music publishers with the intent that Chamber Choir and possibly other NSU groups may be recorded performing newly published pieces to be used as examples on the publishing company’s website and marketing CDs.”