New Media Student Showcase honors students at reception


Several students received recognition at the second annual New Media Student Showcase reception Wednesday afternoon. This exhibit includes DSLR and cell phone photographs from communications students and alumni.

Awards for top three in DSLR, top three in cell phone photography, Best in Show and People’s Choice were awarded at this reception.

Chase Slater, senior communications major and first-time participant, won first place in the cell phone category and third place in the DSLR category.

Out of Slater’s twelve accepted works, “Starry Night” is his favorite.

“You can see stuff with a camera you can’t see with your eyes,” Slater said. “That one’s my favorite just because there’s a whole different world that you haven’t been able to experience, and I get to do that with a photo.”

Showcase newcomer Katie Baronne won Best in Show after being encouraged by Dr. Ron McBride to submit her photo “Natural Beauty” into the showcase.

“My final assignment for photojournalism was a photo essay, and it had to show a process,” Baronne said. “I took some pictures of my friend [Jordan Young] putting on her makeup, and it was my favorite one that I took.”

Dhaija Smith’s “Broken Reality” took home the People’s Choice Award. Smith said her goal in her creative process is to take an angle different from any other work in the showcase.

“Broken Reality” depicted sophomore theatre major Shari Wilson with a lamp shade over her face.

“There’s no other piece in this exhibit like that,” Wilson said. “It’s so different, and people want different.”

After planning out growth point goals for this year’s showcase, Emily Zering, showcase co-coordinator, said that she witnessed many of these goals being achieved. Now she can work with communications professor and showcase co-coordinator Dr. Ron McBride to produce growth points for next year.

The New Media Student Showcase was recognized by university leaders such as Dr. Chris Maggio, university president, and Dr. Greg Handel, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

“It’s very evident what is happening with this program,” Maggio said in his opening remarks. “On behalf of some of the leadership at this university, we thank you for this showcase. We thank you for what you’re doing, and the future is certainly bright in this program.”

The exhibit will be displayed in Orville Hanchey Gallery until April 28. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


*Correction: The print issue titled Dr. Greg Handel as the director of the School of Creative and Performing Arts instead of the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Emily Zering and Dr. Ron McBride as coordinators instead of co-coordinators.