My college experience without guidance


Stephani Bradley

NSU has done so much for me that I will be forever grateful for.

College is hard on its own, especially when you are doing it alone.

I have been attending Northwestern State University of Louisiana for three years now, but my story truly begins March 27, 2020, when I lost my favorite person, my mom.

Before this, NSU contributed to my financial needs. I was still having to pay out of pocket, which my family did not have, but my mom stopped at nothing to provide for me and to be sure I had all life had to offer.

While I do have a stepdad that still helps me today, our connection is not as strong as it was when she was here, but we are slowly working on regaining that relationship again.

We all know the monster of our world that takes people’s lives every day and ruins families.


She was diagnosed five years ago with stage two breast cancer.

Every day was a blessing with her. I cherished every moment I had with her as I knew the end was coming at any point.

For five years she battled the fight and beat it twice; the third time took her away from me.

She passed during the beginning of COVID-19 which made it much more difficult, as one could imagine.

I reached out to the Financial Aid office on campus and was referred to Patricia McKnight, coordinator of verification, who talked me through the steps of applying for independence.

With her help along with the Financial Aid Office’s, I was able to receive free tuition for college with a refund check.

College became a little less stressful.

My biological father was never a big part of my life, we did not have a strong connection from the start, but on June 13, 2021, I lost him as well.

Then it set in: I am now an orphan.

Both the people that brought me into this world are gone.

Providing this, I reached back out to the financial aid office explaining to them my recent situation, and I was awarded a little more money to assist in my college needs.

NSU has done so much for me that I will be forever grateful for.

Financial problems are one of the ruling motives for people not to go to college because not everyone is fortunate enough to receive help, but NSU is here to accommodate all of your financial needs.

It all starts with one phone call or email to get you to where you need to be. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need financial assistance.