Letter from the editor: thank you student media


Mekayla Jenkins

Student media has been imperative to my journey at NSU and it has helped guide me in more than just my professional pursuits.

It seems like only yesterday that I stepped into Freshman Convocation. My classmates and I sat as nervous as we were excited in the red seats of A.A. Fredericks Auditorium as we prepared to take on college life. Each speaker that came onto the stage called us the class of 2022. I remember thinking how impossibly far away that year was. Now I sit with graduation in two weeks, finishing up an internship and preparing for the last finals I’ll ever take as a proud Northwestern State University of Louisiana demon.

In the time since my welcome to NSU there has been a pandemic, two hurricanes and a handful of snow storms. Somewhere in between all of the chaos and fun I had the privilege of becoming the editor-in-chief of the Current Sauce.

Student media has been imperative to my journey at NSU and it has helped guide me in more than just my professional pursuits. Aside from learning how to interview and edit and write, the people in student media have created a community that has shaped me as an individual. I feel it’s only right to thank the people who’ve helped make student media the incredible experience it has been for me.

While every member of the New Media, Journalism, & Communication Art Department has been incredibly invested in the Current Sauce’s success, I wanted to give a very special thank you to Brian Gabrial, Jie Zhang, Nick Taylor and Melody Gilbert for putting in special effort to make sure student media stayed afloat in unprecedented times. These professors’ insights and guidance have been invaluable to both my and the Current Sauce’s development.

I wanted to also thank the Current Sauce’s 2021-2022 staff for being a wonderful group of creators. It was a pleasure working with you all and the Current Sauce would have been nothing without your excellent writing, photos, illustrations, ideas and perspectives.

With her passion and writing talent, the incoming Editor-in-Chief, Lora Luquet, is sure to make new and exciting achievements with the Current Sauce next year. I wish her all the best and am excited to see what she accomplishes in this position.

After eight semesters filled with deadlines, radio shows, and meetings, I’m leaving student media. A freshman thinking their graduation year is far away will be sitting in the seat I usually filled and the beautiful cycle of mentorship and memories will start all over again.