Students react to 2022 homecoming theme


Marissa Nicole Rowsey

Many students still have a positive outlook on the homecoming theme and how well it relates to the NSU student body.

It was announced on the University Programming Council Instagram that the theme for this year’s homecoming celebrations is “Demons Assemble,” based on Marvel superhero movies such as “The Avengers.”

According to Marissa Rowsey, the UPC community outreach supervisor and sophomore business administration major, they made a poll on their Instagram story of different themes that were voted on by the student body.

The final three theme choices were “Marvel, Harry Potter, and circus,” according to Lillie Cloudet, the UPC lagniappe manager and senior criminal justice computer information systems double major.

Some students couldn’t care less about the theme.

“Really don’t care, just trying to get a degree,” said Tykeshala Roberts, a nursing freshman said.

Others are a bit surprised by the choice that was made.

“I must say that Marvel wasn’t what I expected as the homecoming theme,” JoJuan Garmon, a sophomore music business major said. “I remember voting for Harry Potter, though the whole list seemed kind of funny to me for a university homecoming.”

Many students still have a positive outlook on the homecoming theme and how well it relates to the NSU student body.

“Honestly I feel like most students at NSU are some sort of nerd in one way or another so I feel like the theme fits perfectly,” said Daishya Vercher, junior psychology major.

According to Vercher, the Marvel theme will also inspire many ideas for homecoming game outfits.

“Whether you believe in superheroes or not, you gotta admit the majority of them have style,” Vercher said.

With the theme, there will be numerous events around campus.

“The theme will affect events on the 21st because the different organizations’ floats will be Marvel-themed,” Rowsey said. “On the 22nd, the points from all the different events held during the week will be tallied up and the winners will be awarded.”

In the past events such as a lip sync competition and a banner-making contest have been a way for students and organizations to participate more in homecoming festivities.

There is no dance with Marvel-centered outfits like there would have been in high school. Instead, events are held over several days with select students receiving t-shirts of the theme and finally a football game to close everything out.