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All that Coach Brad Laird and his team want to do is “Win the Day.”

The new look of NSU Demons Football

August 31, 2023

With the football season quickly approaching, Northwestern...

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“With two games remaining, we hope fans continue to support our Demons as we look forward to finishing the season strong and returning to our more traditional game times in the 2023 season,” Bostian said.

The reason why football saw no night games this season

October 26, 2022

Many Northwestern State University of Louisiana students...

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Dressing for this years theme will be an exciting time because “The Avengers” is such an awesome theme and a great time to do what you would like to do and be as goofy as you’d like while still keeping it fashionable.

Avengers: Homecoming Extravaganza

October 18, 2022

It’s time to assemble for homecoming week and this...

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