Shopping for holiday attire


Lia Portillo Cantarero

Abigail Whitam is happy to bring holiday cheer with simple accessories like a Santa hat.

The temperature is dropping and the holidays are quickly approaching, giving us another excuse to go shopping and buy more clothes.

Shopping during the holidays is a tricky yet blessing time, as there clothing is usually on sale but everyone is shopping at the same time.

Shopping online is where you will find most of your sales on clothing. During the holidays, many brands and websites offer endless amounts of discounts and sales.

A great tip would be to sign up as a member with companies allowing you to know their deals and what is coming.

Most of the time, companies also send out emails about what sales or discount codes they have on their website. Sometimes they even allow codes to be used in stores. It’s important to stay aware of deals, especially through the holidays, to help save money.

Shopping for yourself during this time is always great and the perfect time to treat yourself to clothing that you’ve had your eye on all year.

Search for clothing that will be great for the remainder of the year and items you can see yourself wearing more than just once. This will help you from buying unnecessary amounts of clothing and wasting money.

Be on the lookout for Christmas party attire as well. Christmas parties are a great time to show up and show out, so styling something cute for a party is the way to go.

Holiday sweaters and ugly sweaters will be a must-find because of ugly Christmas sweater parties or just something to wear to a gathering. They can be a great way to make conversation and something easy and comfortable to throw on.

Searching throughout the stores can be overwhelming especially if you are looking for specific items in mind.

Keep an open mind and do not be set on one specific look or article of clothing. You may find other pieces that you like more than what you had in mind.

Christmas and holiday shopping, especially for clothes, can be overwhelming. Being mindful and patient is the way to go. Look for deals, browse for ideas and keep an open mind for what you may find.