Why you should study outside of your room


Tyrenisha James

With midterm exams approaching, improving your study space may be the answer to acing your exam.

To avoid burnout when preparing for important testing such as midterm exams, you may need to evaluate your environment. Studying in a college dorm can be confining and distracting. The living spaces tend to be small. It is easy to become overwhelmed in tight spaces. Students that share their living spaces are certain to experience a disruption. Distractions such as loud noises from upstairs and from the hallway can cause you to lose focus. Studying is stressful enough. Upgrading your studying environment can reduce some of that tension.
As a freshman, I did not utilize any of the study areas on campus. I did most of my homework in a dorm that I shared with a roommate. Our study schedules never aligned. I preferred to study during the day, and she preferred to study at night. It was difficult to complete assignments.
The next semester as a sophomore I lived in a private room. I had more free will. I decorated the room and the common space to my liking. Adding décor to your study space increases the drive to complete work. Having a well-organized and decorated place makes it painless to complete work. When school began, it was still difficult to finish assignments in my room. Sitting at the desk in my dorm was uncomfortable. I did most of my work in bed, and I would lose focus. That is when I decided to do homework in the common space, which I shared with my roommate. My work became easier to finish. To set the mood for studying I would plug in my led lights and turn on an ambiance video on youtube. Creating a study playlist on Spotify helped as well. It minimized the time I spent off task during assignments.
Senior year, I started studying outside of my dorm. I spent a lot of my time completing assignments in the university’s library. In between classes, I would go to the library to study in a private room. Some days my friends would join me to finish their work. Being in an environment where other people were doing work motivated me to finish my work. On the days when I could not get a study room, I was still able to find a spot to get my work done. Upstairs on the second floor, the library has areas for students to study. The desks are not too close to each other. If you do not want to sit at a desk, there are plenty of sofas to do work on.
Studying does not have to be an inside activity. After spending long hours in lectures, completing assignments in nature may be refreshing. Being outdoors can reduce stress and increase natural energy. I find the walking trail next to Chaplin Lake to be relaxing. There is also a sitting area outside of Café DeMon where students can finish work at.
Coffee shops, such as Starbucks and Storybrew Coffee Café are good study spots. Students can connect to the free Wi-Fi, and order refreshments while studying. The ambiance can spark creativity and concentration. The aroma of a coffee shop is certain to keep you alert and on task.
Examine your study space. With midterm exams approaching, improving your study space may be the answer to acing your exam.