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The impact of Spain’s FIFA Women’s World Cup win

Naomi Adams
This year became historic for Spain as the Women’s team brought the title home for the first time ever.

For fanatics of the game of Soccer, having the privilege of their country to hold a World Cup Title – either the Men or Women’s team – is an honor. The everlasting impact of this win resonates across the world, and even into Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s own Soccer team.

“The whole country of Spain came to a freeze, frantic during the game and throwing a party in the streets when Spain won,” Coach Ian Brophy said.

Coach Brophy explained how important the game is for not only women’s soccer but also Spain as a whole. He talked about how important it is for his own heritage to get notice not only from the men’s side, but also the women’s as well. Gaining recognition at any sport is something the country of Spain lives for and wants more of, he said.

Isabella Ruggiano, a junior forward for NSU’s team, talked about how it is important for women’s soccer to be on the big stage and getting the recognition that they deserve in comparison to the men’s side of things.

“For Spain to win for their country is definitely an inspiration to not only us, but worldwide as well,” Ruggiano said.

This year became historic for Spain as the Women’s team brought the title home for the first time ever.

“Great world cup especially since our goalkeeper is from Spain so we always root for her and hope they win for her,” Emily Mougia, junior midfielder for NSU, said.

The win inspires people and teams globally, and it gives NSU’s own team a model to look to.

“I only just started watching the Spanish team in the last three games but watching them move the ball so frequently and gracefully is the type of soccer we want to play, so it is nice to see them win it all with that style of play,” Emme Fernadez, graduate student and forward for NSU’s team, said.

As the team talked about how Spain were the underdogs and how the U.S. were favorites coming into the world cup, Coach Brophy discussed the landscape of soccer and its cultural impact. Coach Brophy said how basketball, football and men’s soccer are all feeling the European influence and how diverse the sports scene is becoming.
This could make the environment for American born athletes difficult as now they are competing with not only the American competition, but also the flow of talent coming into American sports from the outside.

“It’s more positive for the game and the competition for the game of soccer and for me it allows me to up my game and makes me better,” Ruggiano said.

The lady Demons share the same sentiment about how this flow of cultural talent only brings the best of the team and makes the team want to practice more and play more to reach that next level.

Spain’s historic moment of winning their first world cup in front of the 1.9 million record breaking attendance shows the pride that is sweeping not only women’s soccer but all sports.

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