Students allege food poisoning woes


By Leanna Coy

Students on the students concerns page have been voice concerns that they have caught food poising from Iberville Dining Hall. The concerns have not been accurately verified.

Hannah Durgin, a student at Northwestern State University, believes she got sick after eating at the cafeteria one night. “From then up to today, my stomach gets upset every time I eat in the café. However, when I eat food that I bought, my stomach is fine,” Durgin said.

Savannah Thompson thought she had food poisoning as well. “I started feeling sick a few days ago. I had heard people talking about getting food poisoning, so I thought that’s what it was, but mine was something else,” Thompson said.

Steve Kauf, Sodexo’s general manager, said he does not think anyone received food poisoning from the cafeteria.

“We have had the infirmary on campus say that the people who came in just had the flu,” Kauf said. “There are so many people we serve that if it were foodborne, we would know.”

Photo by Jacob Bennett.