City increases water costs

KNWD Reporter

The City of Natchitoches will increase the price for safe drinking water starting in May.

Natchitoches’ water is tested annually to confirm the drinking water is safe for the public. The city has faced the economic issue of supplying safer drinking water at an affordable rate.

According to an article from the Natchitoches Parish Journal, the “fee will increase from $3.20 per connection per year to $12 per connection per year. In an effort to compensate for the new fee change, a $5 charge per connection will be added to May 2017 bills. Beginning in June 2017 and each month thereafter a $1 charge per connection will be added to bills.”

Natchitoches Director of Utilities Charles Brossettee explained some of the reasons for increasing the price for safer water.

“This is a state-mandated charge; the state charges each county every year for all the water systems so they can come in and do all the tests that are required to make sure we’re treating the water right,” Brossette said. “The state charges us so much for these tests to make sure we’re filing all the reports properly as well.”

The Louisiana Legislature authorized the fee increase during the 2016 Regular Session to begin January 1, 2017.

“Usually there is no explanation on why the state increases the rate for the use of safer water,” Brossette said. “For the price, I think it’s pretty reasonable.”