NSU Football player picked by Natchitoches Central in third draft


The entire Demon football team is proud to report that one of their own will join the Natchitoches Central Chiefs in the upcoming football season.

Anthony Boggs was drafted in the third round and will round out the Chiefs’ roster as cornerback.

“I’m definitely ready to move on to bigger and better things,” Boggs said. “Playing with the Chiefs will jumpstart my career; it’ll get the ball rolling, if you will.”

Boggs has been a lifelong fan of the Chiefs and looks forward to being a part of a more successful team.

“The Chiefs were 3-7 in 2016, and we were 1-10. Do the math,” Boggs said.

“We are so proud of him,” a fellow Demon footballer said. “It’s just incredible to be able to watch his dreams come true.”

Although Boggs will join the Chiefs, other teams expressed interest in him during the past football season.

“Coaches from John Curtis, Evangel and C.E. Byrd came to see me in a few games,” Boggs said. “I feel like I ended up with the best fit for me though.”

Boggs is looking forward to starting this new leg of his career, but he does have a few concerns.

“I heard that they make athletes go to class and do homework in high school now,” Boggs said. “How am I going to focus on balling if I have to do trig every night?”

Despite these fears, Boggs is eager to join the Chiefs’ football team, and he plans to use his new platform as starting cornerback to educate others about the value of hard work via Twitter, Snapchat and word-of-mouth in seemingly unrelated situations.

“You have to always keep it 100, my dude. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. The grind never stops, and I guarantee someone is gonna be out there chasing their dreams while you’re lounging. I’m out to break these records,” Boggs said.