How to avoid parking issues on campus


Photo credit: Sean Mcgraw

Chalk is a handy tool to keep in your car for creating new parking spaces when there seem to be none available near your building. Photo by Sean McGraw

Yeah, we get it; we can park at Prather. But let’s face it: who wants to? Here are some tips on avoiding parking disasters on campus.

  1. Make your own spot with chalk. Pro tip: If you’re inside a set of lines, the police can’t give you a ticket.
  2. Camp out in a spot overnight so you are guaranteed a spot for the next day. Think of it as NSU’s very own Black Friday. And Monday, and Tuesday and…
  3. Block off the entrance of your favorite parking lot in the morning so that other students think that it’s closed. Now, you can park however you want and don’t have to worry about other students cramping your style.
  4. Make your very own Ticket Immunity bumper sticker. It is illegal for the police to give a ticket to someone with a Ticket Immunity bumper sticker.
  5. Park on top of another vehicle. If all of the vehicles are stacked, no one will have to park at Prather. I recommend finding a parking buddy and choosing a parking spot together.
  6. Park inside the building you need to get to. If you do this, you don’t have to worry about getting hot while walking to class from wherever you parked. Plus, your car can also serve as your seat in class! Score!