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All content by Kaleb Gauthier
Voting Station at St. Anthonys Church in Natchitoches.

Midterm election results recap

November 17, 2022

Last week, the 2022 midterm elections occurred on Nov....

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The night started with an introduction performance then throughout the night the performers showed their talent, creativity and ended on a “fork ‘em demons to the crowd to end their first performances of the year.

CAPA welcomes ‘New Faces’ in annual performance

September 15, 2022

On Monday, Sep. 12, Hollywood gathered to celebrate...

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The newest development in Ukraine and Russia’s relationship has some students and faculty at Northwestern State University of Louisiana concerned.

Students and Faculty react to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

April 4, 2022

Ukraine and Russia’s relationship has been tense...

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Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s on-campus gym, the Wellness Recreational Activity Center has received complaints from students about the clothing policy.

Clothing Policy at the WRAC challenged by Students

March 28, 2022

Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s on-campus...

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Helping Hands Event, organizers dancing at the last act.

“Helping Hands Black History” brings Black activists to the red carpet

March 2, 2022

The Helping Hands Black History Program took place...

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Home games are often a place where every student, from freshmen to seniors, come to watch their favorite sport being played by their fellow NSU Demons.

NSU’s demons love the home game experience

February 25, 2022

Home sports games, such as the Northwestern State University...

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Northwestern State University graduate student, Edgar Cano says his inspiration for the mural was drawn from the history, environment and community of Natchitoches.

Volunteers gather to participate in the Natchitoches first community mural

February 22, 2022

The Legacy Garden welcomes the students of Northwestern...

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Helping Hands’ annual Black History Month program has been held since 2001.

Helping Hands to host its 22nd Black History program

February 11, 2022

Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s registered...

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That was why Payten Vidourek decided to come to NSU and why he joined it’s Track and Field team as a long distance runner.

Student athlete spotlight: Payten Vidourek, an overcomer

February 8, 2022

What motivates athletes to train and compete varies....

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During the holiday break, Northwestern State University of Louisianas President Marcus Jones announced that facial masks are required for indoor events.

New year, new COVID-19 variant

January 17, 2022

On Jan. 10, classes resumed at Northwestern State University...

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What may sound like a rocky start to a story or video game by barraging the player with problems and quests before truly understanding it, Disco Elysium executes this very well and in a bit of a comical way.

Disco Elysium: the pinnacle of storytelling in video games

December 2, 2021

Imagine if one day you woke up with no memory of who...

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“I, as well as everyone else, am beyond excited to get back on stage,” said Makenzie Scroggs, a sophomore dance major.

Christmas Gala returns to NSU’s campus

November 17, 2021

Performed yearly by the Creative and Performing Arts...

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George Orwell is better known for works like “1984” and “Animal Farm” both of which are biting criticisms of the totalitarianism from Nazi Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that he saw from 1939 to 1950.

“Homage to Catalonia” promises hope in the chaos

November 15, 2021

“Homage to Catalonia” is one of the lesser known...

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“I loved kayaking and heard there was a rowing team that traveled around and that sounded fun,” Morgan Mitchell, psychology major and member of the Northwestern State University of Louisiana rowing team, said.

Limitless sports opportunities await students on NSU’s campus

November 11, 2021

With Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s...

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COVID-19 vaccination will be a requirement to attend Northwestern State University of Louisiana for the 2022 spring semester.

The vaccine mandate is necessary

November 2, 2021

We need the vaccine mandate and we shouldn’t feel...

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The homecoming parade came as the finishing event of homecoming week before the game itself taking place on Oct. 23.

The homecoming parade returns for 2021 after last year’s cancellation

October 23, 2021

After being cancelled last year, Northwestern State...

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Held in the city of Natchitoches, Northwestern State Universitys Demon football program will participate in the homecoming parade and pep rally alongside various organizations on NSU’s campus.

NSU football traditions: the importance and excitement

October 21, 2021

With Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s...

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Skye Howard and Kamarreo Jernigan leaving NSU Post Office after using the new services available inside.

Post office introduces package pickup innovation

October 18, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has come a massive...

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Mackenzie Scroggs, a sophomore dance major, was crowned the 2021 Lady of the Bracelet.

MacKenzie Scroggs crowned Lady of the Bracelet

October 7, 2021

Mackenzie Scroggs, a sophomore dance major, was crowned...

Most departments and majors accept ASL as a credit for Foreign Language. However, majors under department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies do not.

Board rules sign language does not count as a foreign language

September 20, 2021

In 2020, the faculty of the department of English,...

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As climate change worsens weather conditions all across the globe will become harsher and more abnormal weather patterns, and those abnormal patterns will become the new norm.

Climate change: how we’re doomed, and how we can be less doomed

September 15, 2021

We are doomed. Climate change is going to ruin the...

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IncludED, headed by the Northwestern State University of Louisiana Director of University Affairs Jennifer Kelly, was made to help those coming to school get their textbooks automatically charged, allow minimum contact at the bookstore due to COVID-19 and, most importantly, offer a flat rate for book costs.

Made to help students, IncludED is still working out bugs

September 2, 2021

To anyone going to college, a concern that many face,...

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Tana Gray (left), Yoland Bellard (middle) and Alicia Waterstract (right) start moving in for a new year at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

Students move-in as the delta variant surges

August 17, 2021

At 8 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 14, students were welcomed...

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